I’m Steph (or Salt – the better half of Pep),

I see the world through eyes that look in different directions, I like to think of it as a wider perspective.

This little space is for recording my creations and inspirations, in my attempt to unblock a very dense large blank page… I’ve never been good at beginning something.

I live by the sea (well its a bay, but you know, its wet and salty) but hardly see it. The salt and the sea, is to remind me that there is a world beyond whichever tiny detail is stressing me out at the moment. I constantly find myself driving (usually on the way to somewhere else) over the crest of our street and being shocked by how close the water is “hey, that’s right – we live by the water!”…

Some tips for the categories:

Extra salty: works I’d consider finished or completed could be drawing, photos, design –  made because I just have to get it out of my head

Daily grind: work produced for Monash Gallery of Art where I toil away each day

From the sea: works in progress, scribbles and ideas

Kicking sand in your eye: others’ works, objects, things etc… that fuel my minds eye


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