Summer gigs in Melbourne

Top L-R: Shihad at The Corner, Richmond (19 Nov 2010)

Middle L-R: Electric Horse, Electric Horse, Engine Three Seven at The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy (27 Nov 2010)

Bottom L-R: Dotcoms., Dotcoms. at The Old Bar, Fitzroy (22 Jan 2011)  Lawrence Arabia at The Toff, Melbourne (10 Jan 2011 -with Sally Seltman, relocated from The Rooftop Bar, Curtain House due to rain)

Dotcoms. are awesome live – check them out if you’re in Melbourne!


About the salt and the sea

I've never been good at beginning something...


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Sweet shots! Come say hi next time and lets make humorous small talk. Jason.

  2. Cheers Jason – Phil (Roulette Generation) and I’ll be there, your gigs are always a great night. ❤ Steph

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