Friends of friends

Malin Elmlid by Ailine Liefeld for Freunde von Freunden

If you love looking through the studios and living spaces of creative people, like I do, then you’ll enjoy snooping around Freunde von Freunden!

Now I struggle to read along with most of the interviews (my high-school German isn’t quite up to scratch) but you have two choices really – enjoy the beautiful photography and imagine all the edgy things these creatives are chatting about or open up a translator and read along (with a little interpretation required).

Occasionally they do have an interview in English like the one with Malin Elmlid, pictured above, see how crisp and light their photographs are – the whole site is full of beautiful people in amazing spaces!

If you’re on the hunt for other inspiring interviews, you can’t go past Dumbo feather, pass it on which is a really really lovely trans-tasman mook (that’s Australia/New Zealand, magazine/book for those unawares!) and if you’re keen on some more amazing spaces check out the photographs of Paul Barbera in particular his project Where they create.

So many lovely and inspiring things to kick off the week, there’s no room for gloomy Monday-itis!

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